About CardioLeaf ULTRA


Continuous long term electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring is highly useful for patients with difficult to diagnose arrhythmias. As the diagnostic yield increases with longer monitoring period, continuous ECG monitoring can aid in timely medical decisions for patients who recently underwent a stroke, cardiac surgery or post-ED (emergency department) discharge. Today's existing cardiac monitoring devices are heavy, typically only last one to two days, and are highly uncomfortable to the patient, requiring multiple placements of cumbersome electrodes and cables.

Introducing CardioLeaf® ULTRA - the world's thinnest, cable-free 3-lead ECG continuous long-term monitoring device. CardioLeaf® ULTRA is a medical-grade device that allows clinicians and researchers to easily administer prolonged ECG monitoring for up to 7 days. As a single-use device, initial capital expenditure are lowered and less manpower for operations and maintenance are required.

Clinicians also have the flexibility to scale-up monitoring as and when required. Made from biocompatible and body-conformable material, it is friendly to the skin and is a comfortable alternative to existing holter monitoring device. Patients wear the device continuously for seven days to monitor their heart activity as they go about their regular life. The CardioLeaf® ULTRA is targeted towards medical and research applications such as post cardiac surgery or stroke recovery patients, drug discovery companies and clinical research organizations.

CardioLeaf® Ultra - Your Solution to Advanced Long Term Monitoring.