About CardioLeaf PRO


Cardiac arrhythmias, or abnormal heart rhythm, are common diseases that affects one in eighteen people. Worldwide prevalence of these diseases is set to escalate due to factors such as aging population, affluent lifestyles, obesity and unhealthy diets. Arrhythmia can lead to further cardiac complications and life-threatening medical emergencies such as stroke or heart attack when left untreated. Despite the severity, many people with cardiac arrhythmia remain undiagnosed as abnormal electrocardiogram (ECG) often occur sporadically and are easily missed. Current ECG diagnosis yield are as low as 10%, and existing monitoring devices are heavy, conspicuous and restrictive.

Introducing CardioLeaf® PRO - the world's thinnest, cable-free, 3-lead medical-grade ECG monitoring device that is inconspicuous and easy to wear. Monitoring is as easy as pressing the device to one's chest, without the need for external electrodes.

Its unique "dual-mode" ECG monitoring function allows for patient-activated event recording for cardiac events, or day-round Holter Recording. Recorded ECG data can be sent to the cloud, and reviewed there after on either the smartphone or the PC. These capabilities allow both patients and doctors increased flexibility in monitoring a wider variety of cardiac conditions, allowing for the recording and easy management of abnormal ECG rhythms anywhere, anytime.

CardioLeaf® PRO - Your Solution to Complete Cardiac Monitoring.