About CardioLeaf FIT


About one in three people die from Cardiovascular Diseases ("CVDs") worldwide annually. CVDs can be exacerbated by anxiety, poor work life balance and "bad" stress. It is estimated that almost 70-80% of all visits to the doctor are stress related or caused by unnecessary stress. Stress affects our productivity, mood, overall quality of life and is strongly linked to memory loss and obesity. Beyond that, chronic stress leads to a whole cascade of serious health complications, including CVDs. The good news is, 80% of CVD complications, such as heart attack and stroke, can be prevented by early detection, lifestyle management and regular monitoring of one's cardiovascular health.

Introducing CardioLeaf® FIT - the future of Smart HealthCare. Via a three-minute quick test, the CardioLeaf® FIT provides a personal "Cardiac Health and Stress Index" snapshot, a concise and reliable indication of one's cardiac fitness and stress levels. The snapshot allows the user to identify early warning signs of cardiac stress and take proactive lifestyle changes to reduce associated health implications. The CardioLeaf® FIT is also suitable for general users and professional athletes who want to monitor their fitness levels and ensure optimum function of their hearts.

CardioLeaf® FIT - Your Solution to Proactive Cardiac Health Monitoring.