Research and Development: CBVS ECG-On-Chip





The CBVS® ECG-on-Chip is a family of ultra-low-power multichannel biomedical data acquisition Integrated Circuits (ICs). Specially designed and engineered for portable ECG devices, they deliver medical-grade multichannel ECG acquisitions to both professional and consumer uses.

Key Features

  • Multi-dimensional acquisition: 2-channel version for 3-lead ECG; 8-channel version for full 12-lead ECG
  • Ultra-low power: 10 µA for 2-channel version; 20 µA for 8-channel version
  • High precision: less than 3 µVrms input-referred noise; less than 1% THD at rail-to-rail output swing
  • Great flexibility: digitally programmable gain, bandwidth and sampling rate
  • Easy interface: integrated input DC blocking; standard 3-V SPI interface for chip programming and data readout; RTC output for ultra-low-power MCU standby